Rug Dimensions Recommendation

This is just a rough guideline only to floor rug sizes for different spaces and area of home.
Its recommended that you take measurements prior to purchasing to ensure you buy the right  rug.
EntryExample sizes:
165 x 115, 120×170,225 x 155, 230 x 160, 280 x 190, 290 x 200, 200 x 80, 300 x 80, 400 x 80, 500 x 80A rug can add the finishing touches to a home’s entrance area, wowing your guests, setting the scene for your home’s style, and also providing floor protection for a high traffic area.
BedroomExample sizes:
150 x 80, 225 x 155, 230 x 160, 270 x 180, 280 x 190, 280 x 200, 290 x 200, 320 x 230, 330 x 240Layout ideas:
• Your rug sits at the end of your bed – i.e. between the end of your bed and a wall or wardrobe.
• Your rug sits under the end of your bed and extends beyond the bed.
• Your rug covers the entire length and width of your bed, and beyond, extending at the sides and end of the bed, if you wish.

Measure the size of rug you need according to the layout you would like in your bedroom.

Coffee Table  

Example sizes:
165 x 115, 225 x 155, 230 x 160, 280 x 190, 290 x 200, 320 x 230, 330 x 240, 400 x 300

A rug placed under a coffee table could cover just the coffee table, or also include a larger section of the room as well, such as extending underneath a lounge.

Lounge / Family

Example sizes:
230 x 160, 270 x 180, 280 x 190, 280 x 200, 290 x 200, 320 x 230, 330 x 240, 400 x 300

A lounge or family room rug can add timeless character to these living spaces.

Layout ideas:
• Place your rug under a coffee table only, in front of sofas and chairs
• Place all your furniture on top of the rug.


Example sizes:
230 x 160, 280 x 190, 290 x 200, 320 x 230, 330 x 240

Ideally, your dining room rug should cover both the dining room table and chairs. To ensure your rug covers the chairs, pull the chairs away from the table to simulate someone pulling a chair away from the table in preparation for sitting at the table. Measure this distance and add to the width of the table, then do the same for the length, assuming all 4 sides of the table are to be used.

Here is an example:

Table Width: 1m
Chairs: 0.65m x 2 = 1.3m
Total Width required: 2.3m

Table Width: 1.8m
Chairs: 0.65m x 2 = 1.3m
Total Length required: 3.1m

Minimum Rug Size required: 3.1m x 2.3m

PERSIAN RUGS / TRADITIONAL RUGS – good for dining rooms as they often come in rich, multicoloured designs with elaborate borders that can work well under a dinning room table (typically made of wool/silk)

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Example sizes:
200 x 80, 300 x 80, 400 x 80, 500 x 80

These rugs can be found in our “runners” category. Choose the size that suits the length of your hallway the best.